Battat Glass creates handmade blown and flameworked glass stemware, jewelry, sculpture and more. Battat Glass brings a modern sense of design to traditional glass techniques and sensibilities. Battat Glass is a founding member of Brick CoWorkshop, a collaboratively managed inter-disciplinary art and design space in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
Functional goods made with respect to tradition:

Inspired by the early German art and design academy, The Bauhaus, Dan makes functional goods designed to inject art into daily life.

Gesamtkunstwerk: Art that includes the entire body, mind and soul in its production. 
Professional experience in glass production and education
  • Based in Holyoke, MA
  • 10 years of working with glass 
  • 8 years of teaching experience
  • Custom requests available
Educated in glass through traditional apprentice/internship opportunities. As a high school student, Dan discovered a love of glass while touring New England as part of a street theater troup. On lunch break after performing a juggling act, he walked into a glass shop in Burlington, VT and was mesmerized by molten glass being manipulated in a torch. Some research led to findig a public access studio in Boston. Dan negotiated an internship and substituted his final semester in high school with the work experience. He has never looked back. An initial respect for internships led him to pursue a journeyman's style of living where he worked for several different artsits across several state lines. In 2013 he co-founded Brick CoWorkshop, a collaborative workspace where his studio and teaching practice are housed.
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